Office furniture

Furnest furniture selection is focused on quality and comfort. Ergonomy and style can go hand in hand. We can handle bulk offers and installation for your large project. We have a speciality in custom furniture in a wide range of material to create unique elements for your visual identity and your architecture.

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office furniture

Ergonomic office furniture such as adjustable tables and chairs help you stay comfortable and more productive.

Conference room furnishing

Conference chairs needs to be stackable and lightweight so that you can store them and adjust the configuration of the seats in the conference room easily to suit your needs.

Conference chair

Acoustic panels, office desks and chairs in open office
Acoustic panel and room divider

Open space

Open space is ideal to facilitate communication amongst the coworkers. Acoustic panels are ideal to enhance the acoustic of the open space as well as to divide the space. Large desks provide more space for extra comfort for the office worker.

Public space

We manufacture and install custom-made lobbies and reception furniture. Our product range includes a variety of sofa models and comfortable armchairs. We also have coffee tables and brochure stands.

Sofas, module sofas and armchairs. Brochure stands. Low table

Office cabinet, drawers, bookshelves

Storage furniture

We manufacture also custom-made office cabinets, work benches, bookcases and bookshelves, chest of drawers as well as exhibition shelvings.

clothes hangers, dressing cabinets


Coat hangers and dressing cabinets

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